How to get involved

Are you an Informal Entrepreneur who owns a portable food business? Do you sell your products at food markets and events in South Africa? Are you open to adding another food product to your menu?

Introducing PAP CHOW™, an International Patent, Trademark food concept that will allow you to explore your creativity with food and present your dishes in a modern and unique way! Our business is all about changing anything “Traditional” into “Creative” and “Attention-grabbing”. Thus our slogan “Traditional Just Got Better”

The success of using this concept is a “No Brainer”!

Our offer to you:

We enable you to add exciting new dishes unique to your menu, by supplying you with the rights and equipment to use this concept as per our T&C’s. Pap Chow™ is a collective name for this product – similar as pizza, hamburger, hotdog etc.

The press is used to form rice, mash, pap, or whatever base you wish to use, into a bowl, which can then be filled with any filling of your choice. The base is pressed into our unique food packaging, which is leak proof and extremely stable. (The packaging to be ordered directly from the recommended supplier. We do not supply the packaging.)

In short, you create your own delicious dish unique to your brand, and we simply supply you with the patented equipment to add extra value to it.

Your dishes will look different and grab customer’s attention!!

Who can become a part of this amazing concept?

1) Any person who is a part of/owns an informal food supplying business.

2) Any person who sells food products at food markets and events.

Examples: Food trailer, food truck, food stall or table.

Cost summery:

  1. Once off activation fee @ R1 000,00. (Starter pack which includes the instruction manual and Pap-chow recipes for guidance)

Choose under B & C the mould or moulds that suits your   clientele 

B) Hand release moulds (no press needed):

  1. Soccer mould – large C500gram @R920,00.
  2. Soccer mould – small C350gram @ R  980,00.

Note: Other moulds to follow – watch this space!

C) Moulds working with the press (more of a theatre/drama):

  1. Cost of Press with slider bracket No. P100 @ R1 100,00.
  2. Square tapered mould – large No. A500gram @ R 850,00.
  3. Square tapered mould – small No. B350gram @ R   820,00.

Monthly rental per mould:

  1. R450,00pm for each mould

Note: Rental fee to be paid before the 2nd of every month.

Your are responsible for:

a) Conceptualize and do your own branding & marketing of the concept at your market.

b) Supply of the food packaging (We will supply the contact details of the supplier once the contract is finalized)

c) Supply your own base such as pap, mash, rice, etc.

d) Supply your own filling and condiments.

e) Payment of the once off activation fee and mould cost.

f) Payment of the monthly fee.

g) Sign agreement with us.

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